Spring-summer 2024 collection

The OREADES, nymphs of the mountains and caves, are joyful, dynamic beings.
Out of nowhere, out of time, authentic and mysterious, these divinities inspired the mod's hair spring-summer 2024 collection.
Three cuts and hairstyles created to reveal their natural, soft beauty.
The styling perfectly links the ubiquitous fashion of the real world with the purity of the other, fairytale world for highly romantic looks.
It's a return to our roots in this raw, natural landscape.


Blond sweatshirt: soft, beautiful, natural.

It's a cut made to refine and give an air of abandon. The ends are endless, the length fluid and indefinable. The color is highly worked, with a Surfer Babylight by mod's hair® balayage for intense yet soft lightening. It looks almost natural, with doubt created around the pinkish highlights, tone-on-tone with her skin.


Fox cut: pure, precious, rare.

This cut is made to amplify the density of the hair, a very massive yet extremely light visual. A natural gradation, the material is entirely preserved. The play of lightness is located solely on the ends, to create the illusion. The naturally intense color is simply highlighted with a gloss for added shine.


Mess mullet: temperamental, uncoordinated, rebellious.

This cut is extremely contrasting. Short zones flow radically into barely connected lengths. A lot of destructuring, to create a messy look and allow maximum movement and freedom to the hair around the face and neck. The color is darkened to remove light and bring out the fair complexion of the face.