It almost makes you tear your hair out to find more and more hair on your brush, in the shower, on your clothes, on the bathroom balance...

And unfortunately, it's not just a question of age: 40% of women who lose their hair are under 35. This reactive hair loss has many causes: stress with a hectic lifestyle, pollution, hormonal variations, seasonal changes...

It's normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. Hair loss is random, as each hair has a different growth cycle. Before the age of 35, hair loss is not "normal", but it is common. Hair is particularly fragile in two places: at the roots and on the lengths. If it grows in conditions of deficiency, its growth will be more vulnerable and it will break more easily.

Dietary supplements such as vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, selenium and zinc are all important for hair growth and anchorage. But the safest and healthiest way is to ingest these nutrients and antioxidants naturally, through their presence in plant-based foods. Beware: too many dietary supplements can also promote hair loss.

A new professional routine comes to the rescue of all these women, so they no longer have to fear hair loss. Kérastase has developed a cosmetic anti-hair loss solution for these women, backed by the professional expertise of hairdressers. It "s called GENESIS.

For the first time, Kérastase is introducing a complete hair protocol, starting in the salon and continuing at home, that instantly and lastingly reduces hair loss by strengthening the fiber and stimulating the scalp. The range's three flagship active ingredients are Aminexil, known for its anti-hair loss effectiveness, native edelweiss cells, a flower famous for its resistance to the most extreme conditions, and ginger root, for its vitalizing virtues. Complementary ingredients, such as vitamin B and caffeine, meet the hair's different needs at every stage of the protocol.

When hair loss becomes a real problem, don't hesitate to visit a salon - your mod's hair stylist can help!

In the salon, after a diagnosis of your hair, your hairdresser will take you through a luxurious 4-step protocol: an oxygenating bath, a plumping and strengthening fusio-dose, an anti-hair loss activator and finally the thermal protector.

At home, a sensorial routine, with a refreshing fragrance, to strengthen the hair lengthwise with the hydra-fortifying or nutri-fortifying bath, a reconstituting mask and to protect the hair fiber a blow-dry fluid. The protocol is completed by two intensive anti-hair loss activators for 6 weeks, a serum for daily application and fortifying ampoules for the first 10 days.

Do you suffer from hair loss? Get to the root of the problem, stop fearing hair loss... and ask your mod's hair stylist for advice!...