A treatment cut: a service and a mod's hair product for more beautiful hair

We can't stress this enough, but to get a great haircut, you also need great hair, and that means taking care of it. Care is essential, both at home and at the hairdresser's.

A haircare treatment takes time - time to pause, time to rinse - and these days, no one takes the time for themselves. That's why mod's hair offers you a haircare cut.

After shampooing and towel-drying your hair, your hairdresser will apply SOIN : MOUSSE INTENSE.

Choose from three products depending on your hair type:




Your hairdresser will then proceed with the cut of your choice. Thanks to the direct effect of the treatment, hair will be easier to comb and separate for a perfect cut.

No need to rinse, by the time you cut your hair, this new treatment will have been absorbed and will have taken effect. All that's left for your hairdresser to do is dry.

Your hair is sublimated and you leave with dreamy hair.

Colorant-free and sulfate-free, these INTENSE FOAMS contain natural ingredients to boost hydration. The Peach & Lime INTENSE FOAM and the Cassia are vegan.

Bonus: You leave with the product and can repeat the treatment at home to prolong the beauty of your hair.


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