In juices, herbal teas, broths... From dandelion to kale and broccoli, we're putting our bodies into spring-cleaning mode.

It's like a tornado whirling around us. What better way to restore our vitality and boost our immunity than to go into "reset" mode?

Without being a stakhanovist of brown rice, quinoa and green juices, detox is an important time to flush out absorbed toxins and waste. At least a good part of it. And from thalassotherapy to spa treatments and wellness centers, detox is the new wellness trend. But with the pandemic, we're more in cure mode at home, and unless you've got iron willpower, it's not easy to swap your steak aligot for a mushroom velouté and chia seed pudding. The solution? An online cure. That's what Carole Bogrand, naturopath, sophrologist and founder of the Détox & Bien-Etre center at Château du Launay in Brittany, has just launched.

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