L'Oréal Professionnel's Smoky Hair, the new make-up color trend, is arriving in mod's hair salons.

Smoky hair consists of combining three cool or beige shades, applying the darkest at the roots and the lightest at the ends. It's a coloring technique using a mix of iridescent and ashy shades, ideal for neutralizing undesirable warm highlights and perfecting a look with a cool finish.

mod's hair offers you to maintain your Smoky hair with Masque Couleur. Masque Couleur is a range of care products that nourish hair and refresh cold and beige shades. They are made from natural, vegan ingredients, with saponaria to give hair a touch of vitality and cardamine extract to make it shine.

Your mod's hair stylist will customize the Masque Couleur mixture, and the color will retain its full intensity until your next visit.

mods hair mask