Mod's hair products are evolving, they were already natural but their formulations are changing to be "totally green" and as environmentally friendly as possible. Their packaging too: they are now made from recycled materials.

The Swiss origin of mod's hair products has always contributed to a purist appearance. They have always been manufactured with respect to both the tolerance of the formulas for the user and the bioavailability of the environment. To keep moving forward, our laboratories have enriched the products.

Aloe vera and sea grass for the Peach & Lime shampoo. The formula is particularly gentle.

For the Cassia range, phytokeratin and magnolia give it a particularly sweet floral fragrance with notes of red fruits.

For volume, Ginger shampoo and Keratin lotion, with bamboo and vitamin B5, strengthen the hair fiber.

The Jojoba shampoo and the Macadamia mask use the same precious oils but with more nourishing effect and a new scent of Sicilian lemon, orange blossom, tonka bean and vanilla.

Hairstyling products have also seen their formulations expanded. Fashions change. Products are modified and new ones appear. A Curl Cream to sculpt curly hair, a Nutri Shine spray, sprayable hair oil to give shine without weighing down the hair. The Sirocco spray is now lightly scented. The Refresh spray with its finer texture does not leave any residue.

All plastic bottles and jars are made from 100% recycled materials, as well as glass and aluminum bottles. The products are always vegan. Particular attention is paid to the extraction of the active ingredients. They are certified "Cruetly free" and of course dermatologically tested, classified as perfectly tolerated.

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